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Research and Development

LOGITECH PROJECTS SOLUTIONS has a dedicated R&D team to create and deliver innovative projects. We provide technical solutions to PLC, Automation and Electronics Industries. Quality & Innovation are two most important aspects of our R&D. Our team of professionals working in R&D tracks covers PLC, HMI, Drives, SCADA, Wireless, ADC, DAC, GSM, RTC, GPS and Communication protocol. If you love working on challenging projects and at the same time have the gift of sharing knowledge, you are welcome to work with us.


LOGITECH PROJECTS SOLUTIONS provides a platform to talented students and employees, who have skillful hand in the practical projects, to expose their potential. They can approach us with their innovative ideas or may work on assigned projects. We feel pleasure to reward them for their efforts. Interested may send their resume to info@logitechprojects.com under the subject of JOB SCOPE.